Microsoft launches latest server for small, medium businesses

BY offering a new cost-efficient Windows Server product for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country, Microsoft Philippines is starting to increase the market for its servers.

Bill Hilf, Microsoft Corp. general manager for server and tools, said high prices and the complex operating procedures are the main reasons that the number of Filipino business organizations that use servers remains to be lesser than two percent.

He noted that of the 99.7 percent of the businesses in the Philippines that are micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), more than 90 percent already have PCs but only a few are using servers.

“Small businesses tend to think servers are too expensive and (that they don’t need one because) their operations are not yet big enough,” he said. Still, he said, the market for servers in the country has potential for growth.

“There is a need to take advantage of technology,” he said.

In the Philippines, Hilf estimated that 30 percent of the servers used are low-end one-processor servers, which are “interesting” since not many SMEs are getting servers for their operations.

“We wanted the server market to grow faster than the hardware market,” he said during the launch of Windows Server 2008
Foundation, considered to be the most cost-efficient Windows Server product available in the market to date.

An ideal platform for SMEs with less than 15 users, Windows Server 2008 Foundation provides a core portfolio of IT capabilities that include file and print sharing, remote access and security, and other general server purposes.

The server will be available through Microsoft Philippines’ OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners—HP, IBM,and Dell—who will provide customers with product support, free training, resources, and updates.

Hilf said Microsoft has made the new server “affordable” at around P57,000 . He added, though, that the Microsoft’s
resellers will set the final price of the product.

Since not all SMEs have information technology (IT) staff, he said Microsoft has ensured that the new server is “very simple” to use, is built on a familiar Windows interface and is compatible with most hardware devices.

He said that the Windows Foundation provides an “ideal first-server experience” for SMEs. It also offers convenience to users as it can be upgraded.

“The price (will be) less important than the technology shift the SMEs will undergo, enabling them to save, protect their data, be more efficient and productive. The growth of the SMEs is the growth of the Philippines,” he said.


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