Smart sees mobile Internet users doubling this year

As of end 2009, Smart mobile subscribers number 40 million, five million higher compared to 35 million in the previous year. Of these, about 1.3 million are using cellphones to connect to the Internet.

Danilo J. Mojica, head of Smart’s wireless consumer division, said in an interview that they are looking at doubling the 1.3 million mobile Internet users this year. The Philippines has become a leader in SNS. For Facebook alone, Philippines was ranked number 10 in usage. Growing tremendously from 300,000 in October 2008 , it increased to 7.7 million in October 2009 and 9 million as of end December.

Smart earlier said that its mobile phone Internet users are growing by 80 percent year on year since 2006 when they launched 3G services.

Aside from mobile Internet, Smart subsidiary Smart Broadband Inc., also targets to double the number of broadband users to more than 2 million this year.

SBI high speed broadband services covers the country’s major towns and cities through a network of 3G/High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) cellular and fixed broadband based station . It had deployed HSPA running on the 850Mhz and 2100 Mhz frequency bands, which offers improved coverage quality and data rate capacity for mobile broadband.

Smart is also set to deploy the more advanced broadband technologies such as HSPA+, which delivers three to four times the speed of HSPA, and WIMAX which is expected to complement its HSPA network.

Source: Malaya

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