Hayden Kho: Powerful Person Supplying Stars With Drugs

MANILA, MAY 29, 2009 (STAR) By Aurea Calica - They were high on Ecstasy, and it was actress Katrina Halili who supplied the drugs.

This was the story given by celebrity cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho to the Senate yesterday as the chamber probed the controversy over sex videos he admitted taking of himself with Halili and other women without their consent.

The allegation about drugs drew a sharp rebuke from Halili, who told Kho: “Ang kapal ng mukha mo.”

Sen. Jamby Madrigal, who chairs the committee on youth, women and family relations, vowed to dig deeper into the drug issue that she said may be hidden beneath the lurid details of the sex video scandal.

Kho told the committee that he and Halili were high on drugs during their sexual encounter that was caught on video. He said the supplier of the drugs was an influential person and known to many celebrities.

But Madrigal, who chairs the committee, failed to convince Kho to name the alleged drug supplier.

“Yes, this guy is very, very powerful, he knows the generals who can have me killed anytime,” Kho said. He said he also fears for the safety of his family.

He said the alleged supplier could also be the one who bought the sex video files for P2 million and had them distributed.

Kho confirmed he took 30 valiums in a suicide attempt and was placed in the basement of a hospital until Dec. 23, 2008.

He also claimed it was Halili who flirted with him and gave him drugs.

He stressed he is prepared to face the consequences of his actions but also challenged the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency to check Halili for drug use through hair sample instead of blood sample.

He said traces of drugs stay in the hair for up to six years but only eight days in the blood.

Kho said he did not have any emotional relationship with Halili and that they did not have any real conversation except about “drugs and sex.”

For her part, Halili denied giving drugs to the 29-year-old Kho and said the doctor took advantage of her feelings for him.

On Kho’s dare that she undergo drug test, Halili said he should focus on the abuse he committed against her.

Kho disclosed he started taking drugs in August 2007 upon the influence of Halili, who would reportedly text him to go to a hotel so they could take drugs and have sex. But he said he started buying his own drugs in March 2008.

He said Halili would meet him wearing only a bikini and wrapped in a towel and ask him to take drugs along with other people.

Kho said he initially refused but later gave in because “sometimes the allure of sex is even stronger.”

He said their relationship lasted until December 2007 and they last met on Jan. 1 last year.

Water dousing incident

A water-dousing incident provided a sideshow to yesterday’s hearing. A former police officer and mayor of Pagsanjan, Laguna – disguised as a media man – managed to get near where Kho was seated and poured water on the doctor’s head.

Abner Afuang, when arrested by members of the Senate sergeant-at-arms, said he was not sorry for what he did and that he was ready to be jailed.

“If I got to sneak in a gun, I would have shot him,” Afuang told reporters. He called Kho a “pig.”

A certain Clifford Elorde distributed 500 anti-Kho t-shirts printed with “Beware of Hayden camera” and “I’m never gonna dance again, beware of Hayden cam.” He said this was his way of expressing his disgust over the misdeeds of Kho.

Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. said he was surprised Kho remained so calm during the water pouring incident.

It was Kho’s lawyer Lorna Kapunan who reacted strongly.

“It could have been a bullet,” Kapunan said.

But Revilla said it could have been “staged” or “scripted” to justify the need for an executive session being pressed by Kapunan.

Dressing down

Earlier, Kapunan and Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada had a heated argument over whether the hearing with Kho would be done in private or public.

Halili agreed to a public hearing and Estrada, along with Revilla, moved that Kho be made to testify openly as well. Estrada and Revilla overturned the earlier decision of Madrigal to allow an executive session for Kho given the sensitivity of the matter and the threat of Kapunan that they would walk out if this would not be followed.

Estrada said Kapunan should not be threatening the Senate, to which Kapunan emphatically replied that the senators probably just wanted publicity since the laws needed to protect people from sex video scandals could be done with or without the media covering the inquiry.

Kapunan said the victims were being further exploited because of the publicity generated by the sex video of Kho and Halili.

An irate Estrada scolded Kapunan and said she did not have any right to lecture them on what they should do. The lawyer later apologized and brought her client to the hall to testify before the public and even in the presence of Halili.

No House probe

The House leadership sees no need to investigate the Katrina-Hayden sex video scandal and said it would rather act on pending bills that aim to stop the proliferation of sex videos on the Internet as well as other cyber crimes.

“I don’t think that there is still a need to conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation on this because there are already a number of pending measures related to this controversy. What we should do now is to act swiftly in passing these measures,” Speaker Prospero Nograles said.

The Speaker has instructed the House committee on rules, chaired by Majority Leader Arthur Defensor, to give House Bill 4315 – the “Anti-Cyber Boso Bill” of Buhay Reps. Irwin Tieng, Rene Velarde and Ma. Carissa Coscolluela – top priority.

In a marginal note, Nograles said the measure should be included in the calendar of business for plenary sponsorship. He raised alarm over the vicious spread of sex scandals involving not only showbiz personalities but also unsuspecting private citizens, some of them minors.

HB 4315, which was co-authored by Reps. Jeci Lapus of Tarlac and Rufus Rodriguez of Cagayan de Oro, was already approved by the House committee on justice and is now ready for plenary sponsorship and second reading.

“The Anti-Cyber Boso Bill is very timely as we are confronted by this sex scandal contagion. The Hayden Kho sex scandal should serve as a wake-up call for Congress to penalize the reckless disregard of one’s privacy and for the public to be more responsible and more discerning in their actions,” Nograles said.

The bill seeks to “prohibit and penalize the recording of private act or acts and other violations of the privacy of an individual.”

Tieng filed the measure in June 2008, as he expressed alarm over the proliferation of obscene sexual DVDs along sidewalks.

“Evil-spirited individuals continue to debase the image of the offended party by recording the private acts of lovers or partners, usually without the consent of either parties or their consent is vitiated,” Tieng said.

“What is more disgusting is that these recordings are caused by or with the authority of the lovers or partners. Whether it is triggered by a lover’s revenge or just a cheap publicity stunt, the same is against morality and ethics,” he pointed out.

“I can hardly imagine how these victims feel. It must be really traumatic. Congress should now act swiftly to put an end to this scandalous attack on the moral fiber of our youth,” Tieng said.

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