Halili's road manager sues Irene Kho for libel

Katrina Halili's road manager and adviser, Omar Sortijas, filed a libel complaint against Irene Kho, who implicated him as a "supplier" of illegal drugs.

According to Raymund Palad, Katrina's lawyer, the filing was held this afternoon, June 3, at the Cavite Prosecutor's Office.

It will be recalled that in the May 25 interview of Mrs. Kho with "TV Patrol World," she named Katrina as the one who introduced her son to the illegal drug, Ecstasy.

"Ms. Katrina, ikaw ang naglulon sa anak ko sa droga. Alam din namin 'yan at sinabi na namin 'yan sa lawyer," she said.

Mrs. Kho likewise implicated Sortijas as the supplier of the illegal drug: "Si Omar, na bodyguard mo ngayon, na kasakasama mo, 'yan ang nagbibigay sa 'yo."

This prompted Halili's handler to file the libel complaint and, subsequently, to submit himself to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) for a drug test, which took place at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Prior to Sortijas' drug test, Kho and Halili went to the same agency for similar testing. Both were cleared by the PDEA after results indicated negative for illegal drug use.

Source: www.gmanews.tv


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