Katrina Halili Passes Drug Test; Hayden's Woes Just Unfolding

Actress Katrina Halili tested negative for illegal drug use yesterday.

After submitting a urine sample for examination at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Halili and her lawyer waited for the results and thereafter informed media of the same, saying it proves that she has not been using illegal drugs, particularly ecstasy.

Cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho Jr. also allowed himself to be tested but the results will be released after 24 hours if he and his legal counsel permit.

Kho arrived with his mother Irene and his lawyers at around 3 p.m. for a closed-door meeting with PDEA director general Dionisio Santiago and other officials.

Halili, with her legal counsels, arrived shortly after.

PDEA noted the drug test result only shows that the actress has not used prohibited substances for the past eight days because the trace life of chemicals in urine lasts from three to eight days, depending on a person’s metabolism.

And even if she tested positive, such information would only determine if she is a user or not but does not help the agency identify the alleged source of the illegal drugs.

PDEA spokesperson Derrick Arnold Carreon said Halili’s drug test results have no law enforcement or intelligence value insofar as the investigation into who is supplying prohibited substances is concerned.

“The more important question is who is the source,” he told The STAR in an interview.

He said the task now is to convince Kho to reveal names in relation to his claim that he knows where the illegal drugs are coming from.

Santiago said the agency appreciates Kho and his mother’s decision to visit PDEA in relation to its ongoing investigation on the drug angle of the sex video scandal.

Kho, however, did not reveal anything about the source of the illegal drugs that he and Halili allegedly used, which is why PDEA intends to continue encouraging him to name names, especially since he now supposedly fears for his safety.

Carreon said the agency has the capability to counter-check the names he will provide and assess the degree of danger he is in or determine if there is really reason for him to be afraid.

“We can even give him security if necessary, though we are undermanned. We have agents who have undergone VIP protection courses,” he said.

He added that PDEA also appreciates how Kho and his mother expressed their intention to help fight illegal drugs.

Carreon earlier explained that under the law, drug users can only be made to undergo mandatory rehabilitation in a government-controlled facility because the goal is to prosecute the source or the pushers and not the users.

PMA digs deep

But Kho’s woes are just unfolding.

The controversial cosmetic surgeon may find himself in deeper trouble with the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) following his admission during a Senate inquiry that he used illegal drugs.

PMA president Dr. Rey Melchor Santos yesterday said they would not limit their investigation to Kho’s sex video scandal but also on allegations of drug abuse.

“We cannot tolerate this. We’re looking also into the drug issue because if you do drugs, it affects your dealings, your decision-making as a doctor,” he told The STAR.

The PMA’s Commission on Ethics summoned Kho last Monday to a preliminary investigation, during which he was asked about the sex video and allegations of drug use.

Santos noted that the PMA had decided to investigate motu propio because such scandal would impact on the entire medical profession, which is anchored primarily on trust.

“We want to know if he violated our Code of Conduct. We cannot just let this incident pass as we want to safeguard our profession,” he added.

If Kho is found guilty, he will be expelled from the PMA, the largest association of doctors in the Philippines.

“The PMA will then recommend the revocation of his license with the Professional Regulation Commission. Only the PRC can do that, not the PMA,” he maintained.

Source: http://newsflash.org


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